Welcome to MSU STEP Research Lab! STEP refers to Supporting Transition and Employment Preparation. Our research lab is based in the Office of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education, Michigan State University.

We are dedicated to research; members of the research group have been rigorously involved in investigations of psychosocial adjustment and vocational issues in individuals with neurological and developmental disabilities. Research findings of this research are disseminated in various refereed journal publications, national and international conferences, and local workshops.

Moreover, the research group utilizes these findings and incorporates them into rehabilitation schemes for a diverse range of individuals with neurological and developmental disabilities. Peer-Oriented Learning is adopted in the research group, members learn through sharing new insights and interests with each other to broaden the knowledge of all members. Regular research group meetings are organized where members are encouraged to take turn in delivering seminars with different topic of interest.